If you've had a good time with the Jellies, why not let us know about it and we can add it to our reviews here.

Of course...if you didn't have a good time let us know as well so we can make it better next time (although we reserve the right not to publish it here 😄 )

Feedback from our gig at the Fairford Tennis Club fundraiser:

"Thank you so much for a great evening on Saturday. My feet have just about stopped throbbing! I have had fantastic feedback from people, the general trend being that 'they hadn't laughed so much in years' and 'can we do this once a month?'

I'm not sure I'm up to organising another one quite so soon but next time we do you and your band will be top of the list!

We also raised a brilliant £1,167.50! What a bonus!

Thanks again for a fun evening.



"Jellied reels are fantastic. We hired them for our Ruby Wedding Celebration. We had 80 guests and nearly everyone danced due to the enthusiasm of the band. They were professional, entertaining with a vast selection of music including Ceilidh Barn Dancing which was great fun.

Our guest were very complimentary towards the band and enjoyed their music throughout the evening.

I would certainly engage them for any future event we may have.

Thank you very much"

Bill and Sue xx

Dear Jellies,

Just to say:

My 50th birthday party was everything I had hoped it would be. Jellied Reels proved to be a great choice! My purist folk fan friends appreciated your "twist" on ceilidh and the old rockers were in their element. My guests were aged 6 - 76 and everyone was able to join in because the pace was relaxed and the steps were easy. I liked the fact that you came down from the stage to give clear instructions and demonstrations. I feel I got excellent value for money, something quite different and have had lots of messages and comments from friends to say how much they enjoyed it.

I know that it may have seemed that I was being overambitious in inviting two bands and wanting the CD playing time too. However, our long discussions and careful planning of the timing and processes involved appeared to pay off and I thought the evening ran very smoothly. Thank you for all your cooperation with me, throughout, and with the Wroughton Silver Band.

I arrived at work this morning to find that people who hadn't been able to make it had already been told what a great night they had missed. I had a fabulous time, and so did my guests. Thank you for your part in that. I think I need to invent a reason to ask you to play for me again!

I hope I managed to look after the band ok and that you got sufficient food/space etc.

Very best wishes

Diana (Birthday girl)

"Thank you so much for such a great evening, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from all the delegates. Thanks again and I hope to work with you on another conference in the not too distant future."

Kate Openshaw, Organiser

Just to say... Thanks so much for the fantastic music on sat night. Everyone was bowled over by your brilliant playing. The birthday girl had a wonderful time. Pls thank the rest of the band for me.

Best wishes. And here's to the next time we can book you in Benger!!


Jellied Reels - Bristol Rocks Gig Review - Kington Langley Village Hall - 29th Sept 2007
By Kevin - Bristol Rocks

No this is not Rock, I will give you that. But Bristol Rocks is about all types of music and since I was invited to a Jellied Reels Ceilidh dance, here is the review.

I arrived half an hour after the start of the gig and Kington Langley village hall was already in full swing. It was like hopping into a TV set from Midsommer Murders, although disappointingly... there was no murder. This was my first experience of this type of event and I was expecting the worst.

As I entered the village hall I noticed that almost everybody was up dancing, and this is not your ordinary shuffling about type dancing, this involved complex moves and partner swapping (Don't even think it!). Everyone was having a good time, all ages from 2 to 92 were up on the floor.

The Jellied Reels are all competent Musicians and they are VERY good at what they do. According to Si the bassist, a Celidh band consists of a caller (the guy that tells the dancers what to do) a musician and as many others as is felt necessary to pad out the band. The caller explains the next dance to the audience and off they go. Now these dances are not simple, each involves quite complex instructions that made me think that everyone would soon be tripping over each other. This did not happen and after some slight initial confusion everyone was dancing together and having a great time.

A few times during their set, after the dancers were confident, the band would morph the song they were playing into a rock classic. So... imagine a bunch of people barn dancing to Paint it Black by the Stones and you will understand my sense of surrealism at times during this event.

Before any of you originals bands out there start to mock this, think about what we have here. Plenty of work, an audience that knows how to have a good time and a competent band. And that my hard rockin' friends (and new Ceilidh dancin' friends) , is what it's all about. Well except for mega-stardom I suppose.

Thanks to the Jellied Reels for playing on our wedding night.

It was brilliant that you were able to come and set up beforehand, reducing the time we had to wait before the dancing got started. You helped to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The calling and dancing was at a level which everyone could join in with, and the band was great at getting people involved.

The dances were a good pace with a couple of active ones, followed by a chilled track, when people could get a drink. We had a fantastic night and lots of people commented on how good the band was. Jellied Reels was friendly and helpful throughout – from making the first enquiry to calling the dances at the wedding. We appreciate all the effort the band made and would heartily recommend Jellied Reels!

Jo & Graham - Bride & Groom

"Burn's Night"

Please tell Steve we had a great night and thank him for his accommodating attitude, ‘piping’ in the haggis and the rest of the band for rounding off the evening in such great style


30th Birthday Party

I just wanted to email to say how much everyone enjoyed the Jellied Reels on Saturday! The party was such good fun and the band were spot on for what I was hoping for! I've had so many comments saying how good they were and that they've never had so much fun at a barn dance before! They were so professional, banterous, musical and got the crowd going.

(if memory serves, we learned some Spice Girls & Britney Spears songs for this gig! - Steve)