Over the years that we have been playing, we’ve been asked many questions and we’ve also gained plenty of experience (some of it the hard way) so we thought we’d cover some of the more frequently asked questions you may have. If we missed it, please use the contact form to get in touch.

How much stage do you need?

The ideal stage area should be a hard surface area measuring approx 20' x 8' and be level and raised e.g. portable staging. If you have access to a "drum riser" ( a mini stage to elevate the drummer) of approx 8 x 5 feet, then Graham will love you forever.

However, we appreciate that space is not always available and we can normally work in most environments, but we do need a 13 Amp three-pin power socket (earthed) not being used by anything else.

What is an ideal venue for a Ceilidh / Barn Dance?

Ideally no posts within the dance floor area, as it makes our style of dancing more difficult. The size of the dance floor should be able to accommodate the amount of people expected at the event. For example 120 people need a hall approx 150' x 40' (think of your local Village Hall)

Do you need a changing room?

Yes please! Ideally a room separate from public areas, secure if possible, in which to change and to leave our personal possessions. This room can vary from a hotel bedroom, a storeroom, to a vacant office, depending upon the venue.

Anything is better than changing in the public toilets!

How long does it take you to set up?

We like to have unrestricted access to the area where we are to perform from two hours before the time we are due to commence playing. There's actually quite a lot of (heavy!) kit involved that has to be unpacked and brought into the venue, then assembled and wired together. After testing it is all working we then sound check to make sure everything is balanced and at about the right volume for the hall.

If it isn't practical to fit this time into your schedule, then we need to consider assembling our equipment earlier in the day e.g. before the guests arrive for a wedding breakfast. This shouldn't be a problem, so if you feel that time may be short, please contact us so that we can discuss the options and arrive at a satisfactory solution - there is always a workable solution!

Break down after the gig is much quicker and takes about an hour from the end of the gig.

A short video showing our set up procedure

We are hiring a Marquee, will that be ok for a Ceilidh?

We are more than happy to perform in a marquee however there are certain requirements that need to be met to ensure the stability and safety of our equipment and consequently the well being of the audience and band. These are:

Are Jellied Reels insured?

Yes. The band has full public liability insurance and all electrical equipment is fully P.A.T. tested. In addition, for wedding/corporate events held in venues that require risk assessment/method statements, all necessary paperwork can be supplied,

Are you loud?

Not really, but if you're sat near the stage then yes it will be quite loud as we do have to project to the back of the venue. 

We always sound check before the first number and we will always turn down if requested (or up for that matter!). We're not as loud as most cover bands or discos, and people can chat without shouting.

We are planning a special "first dance" at our wedding, can you help?

Your first dance is a very important part of your evening reception and something you'll remember forever.

If you want to use a CD track that means a lot to you both we will be happy to play this for you through our sound system before we start the event for you.

If you have more elaborate plans, just get in contact and we'd be happy to talk them through.

Will you laugh if we go wrong?

Possibly, I mean sometimes you just can't help it! Seriously though, we're not too serious about you getting the dances right, as long as everyone is having a good time that's all that matters to us.

Do you have your own lighting and PA system?

Yes, we use professional standard PA equipment and have a small lighting system we use for lighting the stage area only.

Our standard PA equipment will cope with most venues we play, but if required we are able to source other equipment if needed to accommodate the event, however this will incur additional cost.

Can we use your PA?

Yes, but we do have some rules! As you can imagine, our PA system is like a dear friend to us and we would be lost without it!

If you have other musicians or bands you would like to play during or before the event we are happy to work with them and will plug them into our PA as long as their equipment is all in good working order (and they know how to use it!). If multiple channels are needed, these will need to be brought together via a mixer so that we can soundcheck individually.

It would be best to talk this through with us in good time so we know what to expect, and can ensure that the overall plan will work (we have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't).

If you'd like to plug in an iPod/mp3 player so we can play your personal playlist, before and after the gig, that is fine (we would need to know how long you would want to play tunes after the gig as this can impact our breakdown time)

Can I hear the band live?

We publish a schedule of our public gigs on the homepage of the website here and also at our ReverbNation site. If there is not a public gig coming up soon, we may be able to squeeze you into a private function if appropriate.

Just contact us (better still join our mailing list) and we will do our best to get you to see us before you book us. If we are not what you are looking for (hard to believe, but it does happen!) then we have contacts with alternate bands we can recommend that may be more suitable.

How far will you travel?

The band is based around Bristol and we generally set a 60 mile radius limit from Bristol and down the M4 corridor for gigs although we can be flexible and have played ceilidhs as far as Cardigan in West Wales, the Isle of Wight and Lougborough. When you make a booking we will provide a quote that will include all travel expenses.

How do I book the band?

Simple...Just use the contact form (powered by 123 contact forms) with as much information as you can manage, we will email you back with our availability and a quote based on the location and event type.

We'll hold that date for you for one month during which time we will be in contact to answer any fine details (timings, special requirements etc).

Enquiries come in thick and fast so if you have not confirmed after one month we'll need to release the date for other enquiries.

What if I need to cancel?

We don't ask for an upfront deposit, but should the unforeseen happen and you need to cancel your gig within 4 weeks of the agreed event date we reserve the right to request a 10% cancellation fee.

How much will it cost?

We work very hard to keep our costs down because we want Ceilidhs and Barn Dances to be accessible to a wide audience. Please use the contact form to discuss costs.

Can we feed you?

Unlike the Gremlins in the Spielberg film, it is quite safe to feed Jellied Reels before midnight (although we do advise against getting us wet!).

We usually need to leave home mid afternoon and do not return until the early hours of the morning and that unlike a 'normal' working day, it is often impossible to grab something to eat or drink once we've started setting up.

Steve also gets very ratty when hungry; consequently, for functions where we need to either be set up by, or begin playing before 7:30pm or finish after midnight we'd really appreciate a light meal, sandwiches or inclusion in buffet numbers.

We are mostly house trained, but we are more than happy to eat with event staff or in a separate room from the main event.

We also love a cup of tea when we're setting up (the Rock n Reel lifestyle!), and a drink during the event never goes amiss either (but don't worry - we don't drink and play...we spill too much, Arf Arf). Get Executive status by providing a coffee during break down and we'd love you forever.

More tea vicar?