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Hi, we're Jellied Reels, a 4 piece Wiltshire based Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band with a non-traditional attitude to traditional tunes and dances.

We are often asked what is the difference between a Ceilidh and a Barn Dance?

The word Ceilidh comes from the Gaelic for Party (at least that's what we like to think!) and we work hard to bring a party atmosphere to our gigs. We're happy for folks to step up and do their party piece (although I reserve the right to refuse drunken Uncle Fred from playing my hand-made squeezebox!)

Another way of describing our Ceilidhs is like a Barn Dance with attitude!

Our line up of Squeezebox, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Drums gives our band a good stompy feel with plenty of rhythm for the dancing. Over the years our mixed influences have fused together and we've married up some well known traditional tunes with some pretty unusual contemporary songs (have you ever Stripped the Willow to a T.Rex classic??), and they really work well!

Ceilidhs are perfect for weddings, fundraisers, parties or social events

No experience required - Steve "calls" the dances, which means we tell you the moves before you start and then remind you as the dance progresses. It's easy! 

If you want something a little more complex or challenging, we've worked with a number of callers in the Bristol and Wiltshire areas, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll match the caller.

We love to play and always have a good time on stage which seems to be contagious and we are totally professional when it comes to making sure your event goes just as you imagined it.

Jellied Reels - 2022 (Kington Langley Scarecrow Festival)