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Coaley XI

posted 12 Feb 2011, 03:05 by howebzar
The view from Coaley Ridge
It's hard to believe we have played at Coaley Village Hall eleven times now, but it's true...and every one has been a joy for us. The first time we played I think we all struggled to find the hall, Coaley is tucked away at the base of the Cotswold ridge that runs from Cheltenham down towards Bath and even SatNav has a bit of trouble. I recall having to ask directions from the pub, which turned out to be just over the road from the hall!

Pat Hogg runs a tight ship and the Ceilidhs have always been brilliantly organised and well attended, but we see new faces each year as well as old friends. This year we were joined by a party up from Bristol celebrating Alison's 50th birthday. They all turned up in Cowboy costumes, one even sporting a sawn off shotgun (made from a broomstick, don't panic).

This year was a poignant event for us as a band as it was the first Coaley without Si. Si always loved the Coaley gig and in fact penned a dance in its honour (Coaley Chaser).

Pat has already booked us for Coaley XII - watch this space for fact why not join our mailing list