Age concern

posted 24 Feb 2013, 09:25 by howebzar

Probably not the post you expect...we played a gig last night ( a 30th birthday party) and this morning I could hardly move!

Partly because we've had a little time off and I'm not quite back up to match fitness - my shoulders were burning on the last number, so it's going to be like a remake of rocky round here for a while as I build my stamina back!

What's up...

posted 31 Jul 2012, 10:26 by howebzar

...we've been a bit lax on the news updates...sorry.
so in a nutshell, since 2011 we've been gigging steadily and although the financial climate is making a difference we're working to keep our costs down and our dancers happy!

That being said, it's been a bit expensive for us recently as we've had a bit of bad luck with our main amp and had to replace it (and try to fix the old one for a spare!).

We've played for a variety of audiences, including an 18th birthday party and a College summer school...and folks are still getting married!

Dai played at the Royal Festival Hall with Wonderbrass as part of the Olympic ceremonies (or maybe the Jubilee...I'm not sure, but it was a posh gig). 
Steve has started an internet radio show every Thursday night 8-10pm GMT on

Next gig is at Berkeley Power station again, on 22 Sept 2012.

Nov 19th - Venue changed

posted 9 Nov 2011, 02:12 by howebzar   [ updated 15 Nov 2011, 01:51 ]

work on your tan and ceilidh at the same time!On November 19th we are booked to play for the Nelson Trust which helps folks with addiction problems. The venue has changed (originally we were playing at the Cirencester Agricultural college) and is now at Berkeley Nuclear Power Station!! 

 It's very safe, and should be a load of fun...but they need ticket numbers in advance so please book up early

Oh Happy Dai!

posted 5 Sep 2011, 07:54 by howebzar

Oh Happy Dai!We found out how to make Dai's day last weekend....give him plenty of Vegetarian food, and a sign to go with it (a nice bottle of beer seems to hep too!) :¬)

Bit of a session with Jellied Reels

posted 25 May 2011, 01:02 by howebzar

On Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May, we will be havig a "bit of a session" at the Plough in Kington Langley. Free entrance, we'd love to see you there, 8pm.

01249-750255 if you want to book in for a meal.

T'is the season

posted 25 May 2011, 00:58 by howebzar

We've played two marquee based weddings recently and I have to say that the standard of marquees these days is fantastic. They were both strong and spacious, with no poles in the middle. I do remember playing a gig once in a marquee...well more of a tent I suppose and it was heaving down outside. We used an entire roll of Gaffer Tape (magic stuff) holding parts of the tent together, and cowering in the corner trying not to let water into our electrics!

Coaley XI

posted 12 Feb 2011, 03:05 by howebzar

The view from Coaley Ridge
It's hard to believe we have played at Coaley Village Hall eleven times now, but it's true...and every one has been a joy for us. The first time we played I think we all struggled to find the hall, Coaley is tucked away at the base of the Cotswold ridge that runs from Cheltenham down towards Bath and even SatNav has a bit of trouble. I recall having to ask directions from the pub, which turned out to be just over the road from the hall!

Pat Hogg runs a tight ship and the Ceilidhs have always been brilliantly organised and well attended, but we see new faces each year as well as old friends. This year we were joined by a party up from Bristol celebrating Alison's 50th birthday. They all turned up in Cowboy costumes, one even sporting a sawn off shotgun (made from a broomstick, don't panic).

This year was a poignant event for us as a band as it was the first Coaley without Si. Si always loved the Coaley gig and in fact penned a dance in its honour (Coaley Chaser).

Pat has already booked us for Coaley XII - watch this space for fact why not join our mailing list

The Rock 'n' Reel lifestyle

posted 18 Jan 2011, 06:34 by howebzar   [ updated 12 Feb 2011, 03:05 ]

We kicked off 2011 with a great gig at Wroughton, headlining the gig with the Wroughton Silver band. Well that's how they say it in Rock n roll speak!

After many years of changing into our gig clothes in places we'd prefer not to mention, we got a real changing room! It even had our name on it!! We were a bit worried by the box of tissues and face wipes, but hey.

big thanks to Diana for making our dreams come true...of course the bar has now been set high for all our other bookings this year.

Coaley XI - Sat 5th Feb 2011

posted 7 Jan 2011, 14:52 by howebzar

Yes, it's our eleventh visit to Coaley in Gloucestershire, for their annual Charity Ceilidh, details as follow:

Sat. February 5th in aid of Save the Children 
Coaley village hall doors open 7.30pm dancing 8.00pm to 11.00pm, 
Tickets £8.50 (including refreshments) 
Bar available (always great beer - Steve)

tickets from Pat on 01453 545212

Cracking Cheesecake, Gromit!

posted 31 Oct 2010, 05:05 by howebzar   [ updated 24 Feb 2013, 09:26 ]

We played one of the more unusual weddings last night out at Badminton School in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

Leighton and Clara wanted to help raise money for the Wallace and Gromit "Grand Appeal" and featured their favourite characters on a massive New York Cheesecake! It was a rather surreal moment when I was asked to announce that:
"Cheesecake is available at the bar!"

Of course, running a raffle is not unsual for us, but it was the first time I called a raffle at a wedding...Leighton and Clara raised over £100 for the local Bristol charity, so we say "fair play".

We had a great ceilidh and received some very positive feedback and can recommend the Badminton School for a dance venue (but as it's a boarding school it's only available a few times in the year so call early).

All the very best for the future to Leighton and Clara from Jellied Reels. xxx

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